Training Courses

Accurate Performance Testing

A full-day course exploring how to validate that your load-testing harness is producing accurate results.

Attendees will develop and iterate on a load-test harness to measure the responsiveness of a simple microservice.

The course will cover how to measure and report system throughput and latency, and how to measure the system-under-test to understand where bottlenecks lie.

Key takeaways

JVM internals

System profiling tools

Benchmarking methods

Performance monitoring and metrics collection

High-performance programming techniques

Linux System Tuning for Low Latency

A full-day course covering the mechanics and usage of Linux kernel tracing tools.

Attendees will learn what tools are available, and when to deploy them.

This course involves using kernel tracers to understand application performance, and identify areas for improvement in terms of interaction with the underlying operating system.

Key takeaways

Linux tracers

Operating system internals

Visualisation methods

Custom kernel instrumentation techniques