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Specialist Software Consultancy in low-latency Java development, Linux & JVM tuning, and performance testing.


Application Profiling

System Tuning



All training courses are one day in duration, and can be provided on-site. Please contact us for details.

Accurate Performance Testing

A course based around building and tuning an accuration performance testing harness, that can be used to measure latency in addition to providing load. This course covers how to measure and report system throughput and latency, and how to measure the system-under-test to understand where bottlenecks lie.

Advanced Profiling

This course is designed for application develops and performance engineers, who are already well-versed in the use of standard application profilers. The material will build on this knowledge, exploring in more depth different approaches to profiling, and covering more advanced techniques. Other topics include measuring and reporting system latency, and profiling in production.

Linux System Tuning

Designed to demonstrate the techniques used to reduce system jitter to low microsecond levels. This course involves using kernel tracers to understand application performance, and identify areas for improvement in terms of interaction with the underlying operating system.


Publications on performance topics

Performance Tuning Handbook

A free guide to reducing scheduler jitter


Performance Tuning Cloud Servers

A guide to reducing system jitter on cloud computers

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Hardware Tuning for Low-Latency Applications

Steps to further reduce jitter in on-premise bare-metal hardware

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Useful software libraries


Recall is an off-heap, allocation-free object store for the JVM, designed for use in low-latency applications

View on GitHub


Aether is a metrics aggregation tool for the Aeron messaging system

View on GitHub


Babl is a scalable, high-performance, and low-latency web-socket server for the JVM


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